Custom Artwork on Plywood for POD Hotel DC

Custom Artwork on Plywood for POD Hotel DC


good to meet you!

I believe that people + art = LOVE.

When I can paint so that you are able to fall in love with a piece, I'm living my dream. 

I am an artist creating a collection of abstract paintings.  My decorative painting background has exposed me to a multiplicity of materials and methods that I mobilize in my paintings which range from serene landscapes, brightly colored fluid works, to colorfully expressive renderings. For landscape paintings, each begins by building layers using non-traditional methods in applying paint to canvas using Japanese scrappers and trowels and finishing with brush work.  This allows for a loose, abstract painting filled with a subtle energy yet maintaining the vision of creating a mood. 

I practice automatism in the fluid series using translucent layers and creating a more energetic mood through color.  Starting with watery colors poured onto the canvas and gradually layering more concentrated paints with brushes, the viewer is drawn to investigate the organic forms.

My creative and energetic outlet is expressed in my lively paintings using my favorite pastels and bright “happy” colors as I render abstract forms, architecture, figures, and nature.

If you want to chat about art or anything else that inspires you, give me a call 202.615.1888.

Best wishes - Paula